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Dawn fleming

Strategic Lifestyle Designer

Dawn Fleming has literally been there and done that, and is now living her very best life. With her husband Tom, she owns and operates a global coaching and consulting company that encourages others to discover their dreams and turn them into reality just like she did. Her Life in Paradise Podcast shares success stories of living in paradise as well as practical advice for listeners seeking to leave their comfort zone and live a dream life.

Dawn and Tom began their own traveling lifestyle in 2010, when after the 2008 crash, they sailed through the Panama Canal from California to Florida and later relocated to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Originally from Minnesota, Dawn began her career in real estate with success in many facets of the industry. She graduated from Western State University College of Law and specialized in International Business Transactions as a licensed California attorney. She finally found her calling for two decades as a top-earner and mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs, coaching them through the growth of their direct sales home-based businesses before helping others make the rest of their life, the best of their life!

Don't know where to start? Overwhelmed?

Dawn tells you exactly how!

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Dawn Fleming is living her very best life with her husband Tom.

How Did She Do It?

* They took a leap of faith at a dark moment.

* They research and learned from others.

* They didn't have it all figured out.

Now, Dawn Shows You How!

Claim Your Dream Life Has Already Helped

Countless People Create Their Roadmap...

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  • How do I even start the process? (Page 9)

  • Isn't it expensive? Can I really afford to live overseas?(Page 57)

  • Can I find good healthcare service or get affordable health insurance?(Page 64)

  • Can I work or own a business in a foreign country?(Page 72, 95)

  • How much income can I generate while living overseas? (Page 95)

  • Do I still need to pay taxes? Will I save money on taxes?(Page 115)

  • Should I rent or buy real estate? Can I even buy property as a foreigner? (Page 129)

  • Do I have to give up my citizenship?(Page 149)

Read These Amazing Success Stories...

"We Honestly Didn’t Know What We Didn't Know About Early Retirement."

“I loved the easy reading of Claim Your Dream Life. I greatly appreciated Dawn’s frank and eye opening discussion of what ails the US, without getting on a political soapbox.

Her exercises have been thought through and stimulated and guided conversations with my wife. It has definitely helped us in making positive life choices.”

"It’s Been Life Changing For Us!"

"Dawn's roadmap helped me put a solid plan in place.

After a one month "beta test" in Mexico, I met the woman of my dreams.I couldn’t have done it so fast and so successfully without her.

My life was completely transformed in just 6 short months!"

Paul Doane & Diane Huth

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Terri Zelasko

Dallas, Texas

"It Leaves You Feeling Inspired and Motivated To Take Action"

"This book came at the right time and with the right information! I was thrilled to discover that although I don't know exactly what I want, Claim Your Dream Life gave me the jump start I needed to figure it out.

Filled with real-world examples, thoughtful, self-discovery-driving questions, and very specific “how to’s”.

Thank you, Dawn!”


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Claim Your Dream Life has Already Helped

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